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Resolve Web Client

Work anywhere, anytime and on any device

Resolve Enterprise

Transform your business with Resolve Software Group

Resolve Enterprise is a multi-channel, collaborative software platform allowing you the freedom to work anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Collaborate effectively with our Enterprise Case Management Software using a selection of user interfaces including Resolve Web Client, Web Forms and Web Portal.


Our multi-channel platform allows you to easily capture and manage information flows from several different mediums.  

We have helped over 150 businesses around the world. Resolve Software Group works with our customers to understand their requirements and implement a solution to manage complaints, requests, and cases.



Case management that’s dynamic…

because no one size really fits all

We know that the interactions between a business and its customers can happen anytime and anywhere.
Keeping track of cases, processes, data, and content can be difficult to manage, and you might be missing out on insights and information.
Resolve Software Group can unify your case or complaint customer interactions to help you make better, faster and smarter decisions.
Resolv Enerprise Multiple Devices
Complaints & Feedback Management

Our case and complaint management software will improve your customer interactions, speed up your case resolution and help you understand where you can make changes to improve your customer’s experience.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

Manage Freedom of Information requests, Ombudsmen enquiries, or misconduct enquiries with a product that will allow you to be agile in a changing regulatory environment.

Ethical Standards

Our software helps you securely and accurately collect, manage, investigate and report on any breaches to ethical standards.

“The business was very pleased with the outcome (of delivering a technically complex integration project) and thank the Resolve Project team for (their) commitment and professionalism to deliver a high-quality product and pay attention to fine details to ensure a smooth integration.”
- Department of Justice and Community Safety Victoria

Fully configurable, workflow-based

case management solution

Case Process Workflows

Case Process Workflows

Design, automate, and manage process compliance for effective case management where nothing gets missed.

Flexible Data Model

Our software is designed to allow any number and types of relationships between data elements making analysis easy.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your customer and complaint history is fast and easy to check, assisting you to manage cases effectively.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Our software is designed to allow any number and types of relationships between data elements making analysis easy.

Document Management

Document Management

All documents relating to a case are securely stored in one central location keeping the case or complaint history easy to access.

Document Templates

Document Templates

Keep your documents consistent and accurate with our easy to use template functionality.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Flexible Data Model
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