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Utility organisations are operating in a challenging world of high regulations, changing market conditions, and tough competition. Operational excellence, cost efficiency, and exceptional customer service are key to being successful.

We recognise the industry’s need for a smarter, more integrated way to handle your growing, increasingly complex caseloads and shrinking resources. With the Resolve Enterprise solution you will be able to provide your customers with good experiences to ensure customer satisfaction, prevent customer churn, and to distinguish your brand in the market, while controlling costs and meeting regulatory requirements.


Issue & Incident Management

Transform the way you work. Managing resources, minimising impact, and preventing future issues and incidents.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

Simplify operational processes, while enjoying the flexibility to be agile in a changing regulatory environment.

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Complaints & Feedback Management

Improve customer interactions, speed case resolution, and gain insight on how you can do better as an organisation.

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