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Resolve Web Client

Our Enterprise Case Management software is a highly flexible solution for managing your business processes, from simple incidents or complaints, to complex and extensive business processes and investigations in a regulatory environment. A true multi-channel solution, Resolve Enterprise Web Client provides flexibility across intake streams, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Find out more about Resolve Enterprise Case Management Software by clicking the button below.

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Work anywhere, anytime and on any device with Resolve Enterprise Web Client

We have helped over 150 businesses around the world.  At Resolve Software Group, we work with our customers to understand their requirements and implement a solution to manage complaints, investigations, and business processes.
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Increased productivity and user mobility

Resolve Enterprise Web Client will help you manage a case, complaint, investigation and many other business processes through the full life cycle. From initial intake, allocating tasks, managing deadlines, sending updates and correspondence, and managing documents, all the way through to investigation, monitoring, resolution, reporting, and analysis in a web browser. This allows your case managers the freedom to work anytime from anywhere on any device.

New Look and Feel

Discover more in less time

The Web Client comes standard with an advanced Global Search function, allowing you to cover more ground in less time. Find what you are looking for across all cases, persons and even document content. It also offers a predictive search and inline preview, making searching easy, and fast.

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Discover more in less time
We know that the interactions between a business and its customers can happen anytime and anywhere. Keeping track of cases, processes, data, and content can be difficult to manage and you might be missing out on insights and information.
Resolve Enterprise can unify your case or customer complaint interactions to help you make better, faster and smarter decisions. 
Faster Documet Access
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Faster access to your documents

The inbuilt document viewer makes it easier to find what you are looking for - there is no need to download and open a document to find the content you need. Keep your documents stored securely with easy accessibility with our inbuilt document management system. Authorised users can view, check out, modify, and check in documents - and can be locked to prevent further changes.

Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to save files such as emails, images, or voice recordings.

Powerful reporting tool enriched with charts

We all know how important reporting is, especially in any regulatory systems. The Resolve Enterprise Web Client reporting engine provides powerful BI capabilities, visually appealing reports and dashboards.

It will help you understand trends, and gives you snapshots of case or complaint volume, turnaround times, and the average cost per case.

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Powerful reporting tool enrichd with charts
Learn how Resolve Enteprise can help you in different scenarios

Complaints & Feedback Management

Our case and complaint management software will improve your customer interactions, speed up your case resolution and help you understand where you can make changes to improve your customer’s experience.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

Manage Freedom of Information requests, Ombudsmen enquiries, or misconduct enquiries with a product that will allow you to be agile in a changing regulatory environment

Issue & Incident


Transform the way you work. Manage resources, minimise impact, and prevent future issues and incidents.

Resolv Scenarios
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