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Prosecution Case Management

Today's justice agencies need to share information, documentation, and resources at key decision points throughout the justice system.

With Resolve Enterprise, you will be able to manage the full spectrum of tasks performed by prosecution personnel from the initiation to the closing of a case. The solution is interactive, easy to use, and aligned with your core business processes. It will become a natural part of your work practices when delivering prosecution management services.

A collaborative and automated approach to handling prosecution matters
Ensure hearing schedules, outcomes, findings, and recommendations are recorded and communicated appropriately.
Hearing and judicial conference scheduling

A powerful scheduling platform allows you to schedule hearings/meetings with consideration given to resource types and facilities, and to distribute meeting information and key documents easily and on time. Calendar and recurring meeting functionality works to schedule and automatically update meetings as cases develop.

Ensure confidence in continued compliance

Easily organise, manage, and track all of your compliance requirements and updates in one central, connected location. With the capability and flexibility to adapt to future needs, including legislative, process and procedural changes, you can be confident of continued compliance.

Keep information safe and secure

Safeguard confidential information with tailored security ensuring individual users are presented with only the information they need access to.

Comprehensive reporting

Create powerful reports quickly and easily with our drag-and-drop report builder. Look at case data from different perspectives to analyse trends and forecast future needs, risks, and opportunities.

Learn how our Resolve Case Management Solution can help you!
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