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Government & Public Sector

Government departments and agencies are under extraordinary pressure to deliver high-quality services to citizens and businesses, and at the same time, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

At RSG, we help our government customers do more with less by providing a solution that automates manual, knowledge-intensive business processes. We allow you optimise best practices with our rich functionality that can be tailored to suit your area of citizen relations.

We have been providing Case Management solutions to government departments and agencies for nearly two decades. This wealth of experience allows us to approach new solution requirements with ease. We are committed to continued development to provide new features and systems to align with the constantly shifting requirements of the government and public sector industry.

Discover how our digital solutions enable government departments and agencies to be:

  • Efficient

  • Transparent and Open

  • Engaged

  • Preserved and Protected


Complaints & Feedback Management

Improve customer interactions, speed case resolution, and gain insight on how you can do better as an organisation.


Equip your case workers with the best tools to execute your business processes consistently, accurately, and efficiently.

Ethical Standards

Quickly, securely, and accurately collect, manage, investigate, and report on ethical standards breaches.

Learn how our Resolve Case Management Solution can help you!
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