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Resolve Web Portal

Resolve Web Portal is built for efficiency and collaboration. Your authorised external users can interact with you, in line with your business and regulatory processes used within your Resolve Enterprise Case Management system.

Users can log in and view a list of cases/matters that they are associated with, provide additional information and attachments, respond to actions that have been allocated to them, and submit actions back to the case worker for action.

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Collaborate with Resolve Web Portal

We have helped over 150 businesses around the world.  At Resolve Software Group, we work with our customers to understand their requirements and implement a solution to manage complaints, investigations, and business processes.
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Resolve Robotics – Self-service Portal

Robotic process automation can take over repetitious tasks and free up time for more productive uses. Online Portal submissions extends your reach and automates the process of a case triggered by external parties.

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Complaints & Feedback Management

Our case and complaint management software will improve your customer interactions, speed up your case resolution and help you understand where you can make changes to improve your customer’s experience.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

Manage Freedom of Information requests, Ombudsmen enquiries, or misconduct enquiries with a product that will allow you to be agile in a changing regulatory environment

Issue & Incident


Transform the way you work. Manage resources, minimise impact, and prevent future issues and incidents.

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