Professional Services

RSG provides complete end-to-end system integration services for our Case Management solutions. As the owner, developer, implementer, and supporter of Resolve Enterprise, our expert teams deliver quality solutions configured to each client’s specific needs.


We are flexible to employ the delivery methodology that suits the customer from traditional Waterfall to Agile Scrum, ensuring our team’s approach aligns with yours, covering the full project lifecycle from requirements to solution deployment and ongoing support.


In addition to this complete project lifecycle of project management, analysis and design, configuration, testing, documentation, training, and deployment, RSG provides the following specialty services.

RSG Soluton Design Services
Solution Design Services

RSG solution architects and specialists provide a complete solution design to ensure your Resolve Enterprise solution facilitates efficiency and data quality. This includes integration with your existing internal and external platforms and services. Our flexible integration framework enables such integration with any suitable API or web service. 

Data Migration Services

Almost all solution implementations require some data migration. RSG has developed data migration tools that facilitate the migration of data from almost any data sources to your new Resolve Enterprise solution. The customer has control of the migration tool and can cycle through the process as many times as required ensuring clean, quality data is migrated and mapped appropriately. RSG’s data migration services extend also to document migration.

RSG Data Migration Services
Infrastructure Services
Infrastructure Services

Our expert infrastructure architects provide services for the planning, design, and setup of the required infrastructure to optimally house your Resolve Enterprise solution, while providing scalability to cater for future growth. On your premises, in your data centre or managed completely by RSG.

Managed Services and Hosting

RSG Managed Hosting can include all software licensing costs so you receive one single invoice for the entire Resolve Solution. No separate charges for Microsoft Licensing, SQL Server Licensing, Antivirus Licensing, Resolve Licensing, Hardware Leasing, Server Room Charges, Backup Charges, Managed Services Charges etc. It is customised Software as a Service.


RSG Managed Hosting includes all server maintenance including server patching, updates, tuning etc. to ensure the server and Resolve Environment is running optimally. Comprehensive 24x7 monitoring discovers and rectifies issues proactively. RSG Managed Hosting can provide services to match your backup and recovery requirements from simple daily backups to fully redundant geo-disperse infrastructure.


RSG Managed Hosting provides organisations with a secure, robust RSG managed Resolve environment. RSG’s Managed Hosting solution includes guaranteed data sovereignty – no data will ever leave Australian shores, high security environment with multiple-level security, private or public networks, fault tolerant Tier 2+ and Tier 3 data centres with access to multiple communications providers.

Hosting and Managed Services
Training Services

We are committed to maximising your technology investment by effectively leveraging and enhancing the Resolve Enterprise suite of products and solutions. We provide comprehensive training programs:

Project Delivered Training

As part of every implementation project, we deliver training to prepare:

  • users for user acceptance testing

  • trainers for training end users

  • system administrators for administering your system

  • power users for creating reports and making minor changes


We focus on the skills and knowledge your people will need to perform their jobs using Resolve Enterprise. Our training is based on achieving immediate results as well as consolidating skills transfer.

​Resolve University

Resolve University helps transition customers into a role of providing independent support for their Resolve Enterprise solution. This modular training is designed to transfer our skills to you for configuration and support of your solution.

RSG Training Services
Support Services

Our dedicated Resolve Support Desk provides excellence in support services to all RSG licensed customers. Backed by our skilled technical and development resources, the standard support provided offers customers with fast and accurate turn around to queries and service requests, as well as a conduit to influence the future direction of our product.

In addition, RSG offers customised Support Services including onsite, dedicated, and extended hours of coverage. We will tailor a support offering to suit your business requirements.

RSG Support Services