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Ombudsmen operate in an intense and results-focused environment, managing high volumes of complaints from the public every year.

We are the solution of choice for Ombudsmen to manage this business-critical process. Resolve Enterprise is used by ALL Australian parliamentary Ombudsmen's offices, as well as numerous statutory and industry-based Ombudsmen. 

Our industry-based Ombudsman customers include telecommunications, energy and water, transport, health, industrial relations, and financial.

We understand and pre-empt the needs of the industry, enabling you to significantly improve your performance, automate your investigative workflows, and reorganise your services to better serve the demands of the public. The Resolve Enterprise solution helps investigation officers better manage their workload, automated workflows, provides responses to customers faster and with greater regards to due process, and identifies systemic issues more easily.


Complaints & Feedback Management

Improve customer interactions, speed case resolution, and gain insight on how you can do better as an organisation.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

Simplify operational processes, while enjoying the flexibility to be agile in a changing regulatory environment.

Ethical Standards

Quickly, securely, and accurately collect, manage, investigate, and report on ethical standards breaches.

Learn how our Resolve Case Management Solution can help you!
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