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Membership & Application Management

Automate your membership and application management processes with features designed to increase productivity and member engagement.

Processes are streamlined, with repetitive steps automated and tasks such as processing applications, escalation procedures and reminders or milestone monitoring handled by the system. Our comprehensive solution is built with customer relationships in mind.

Membership management made simple

Streamline the management of membership records. Track fees and due dates, and issue invoices automatically. Create member profiles, generate mailing lists, automate mail outs, and remember membership anniversaries.

With Resolve Enterprise’s web form integration, online application submission is a breeze. Automated workflows will seamlessly take an application through all steps from lodgement to approval. And bulk and batch processing of applications can increase productivity immensely.

Reduce manual handling

Frontline staff and managers gain a real-time view of current cases, enabling greater responsiveness and the ability to acknowledge the customer immediately.

Real-time view

The predictable and repeatable elements in membership and applications handling can be encapsulated in standard processes, allowing for greater consistency.

Greater consistency
Increase engagement and loyalty with a superior client experience
Resolve Enterprise will help you simplify your administrative tasks,
so you can get back to your customers.


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