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Employee Care & Misconduct Management

Investigating employee care and misconduct cases can be complicated, sensitive, and may involve many parties.

Resolve Enterprise supports you through this process, allowing your organisation to quickly, securely, and accurately collect, manage, investigate, and report on employee care and misconduct issues.

Helping you handle sensitive workplace matters


With all the information stored in one place, you can create
comprehensive case reports with a single click.
An employee-centric approach to information

Our centralised system allows for the collection of information against individuals, assisting in the case of multiple offenders where the history is immediately available, and allowing the organisation to make an appropriate determination in each instance.

Collaboration without compromising confidentiality

Individuals and teams can handle more cases and collaborate effectively on multiple employee investigations. Access to cases can be configured and restricted so that all parties to an investigation can work together without compromising confidentiality.

Investigations stay on track

Built-in reminders and escalation functions help to ensure investigations stay on track and grievances are resolved quickly.

Comprehensive reporting

Create powerful reports quickly and easily with our drag-and-drop report builder. Look at case data from different perspectives to analyse trends and forecast future needs, risks, and opportunities.

Learn how our Resolve Case Management Solution can help you!
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