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Complaints & Feedback Management

Resolve Enterprise is your comprehensive solution for improving frontline consumer interactions, speeding case resolution, and generating deep, introspective feedback on how you can do better as an organisation.

Resolve Enterprise manages a consumer complaint or enquiry through each stage of its life cycle – from initial logging, allocation of actions, management of deadlines, generation of correspondence, and management of documentation, through to resolution, closure, reporting, and trend analysis.

Transform complaints into improvement initiatives


Resolve Enterprise is the best of breed complaint management solution
Real-time view

Frontline staff and managers gain a real-time view of current cases, enabling greater responsiveness and the ability to acknowledge the customer immediately.

Greater consistency

The predictable and repeatable elements in complaint handling can be encapsulated in standard processes, allowing for greater consistency.

Greater visibility

Gain insight into how many complaint cases are being managed, the type of complaint, and cumulative information such as the average cost per complaint and time to completion. Systemic issues and root cause analysis can be applied, to delve deeper into organisational issues.

Improved performance and productivity

Processes are streamlined, with repetitive steps automated and tasks such as responding to customers, escalation procedures and reminders or milestone monitoring handled by the system. This leads to measurable improvements in case handling times, the ability to acknowledge and respond to the customer, and case handling costs.

Learn how our Resolve Case Management Solution can help you!
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