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Educational institutions are undergoing rapid changes under the pressures of limited budgets, regulatory and other stakeholder overviews, changing student demographics and expectations, evolving curricula, and the application of electronic technologies to broaden exposure and support activities. 

Implementing a Complaints and Feedback Management solution can be the first, vital step to creating an effective, student-focused strategy that provides the high level of service you are trying to achieve.

Resolve Enterprise helps you address student complaints and feedback effectively and efficiently, enabling you to unlock the value in student data by identifying the real source and cause of dissatisfaction. This visibility provides a valuable insight into where issues reside in order to reduce student dissatisfaction, improve service levels and enhance the student experience.


Complaints & Feedback Management

Improve customer interactions, speed case resolution, and gain insight on how you can do better as an organisation.

Employee Care & Misconduct

Streamline your processes, ensuring every incident or complaint gets attention and nothing falls through the cracks.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

Simplify operational processes, while giving agencies flexibility to be agile in a changing regulatory environment.

Learn how our Resolve Case Management Solution can help you!
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