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Ethical Standards Management

To meet current-day expectations of the public and ensure that these high standards are maintained, management of ethical standards breaches is critical.

Resolve Enterprise allows your organisation to quickly, securely and accurately collect, manage, investigate, share and report on ethical standards breaches. It provides your organisation with the ability to record, categorise, and prioritise the case, and put it on a workflow path of investigation through to resolution and outcome actions.

Ensure a consistent approach to investigating ethical standards


Resolve Enterprise is your powerful investigative tool to help fight corruption
Greater visibility

Gain insight into how many cases are being managed, the type of case, and cumulative information such as the average cost per case and time to completion. Systemic issues and root cause analysis can be applied, to delve deeper into organisational issues.

Fraud investigation workflow

When a report of fraud is received it can be categorised immediately using priority-based or risk-based queues. Resolve Enterprise guides you through workflow rules to prioritise, assign, and route cases and tasks to the relevant person.

Keep information safe and secure

Safeguard confidential information with tailored security ensuring individual users are presented with only the information they need access to.

Comprehensive reporting

Create powerful reports quickly and easily with our drag-and-drop report builder. Look at case data from different perspectives to analyse trends and forecast future needs, risks, and opportunities.

Learn how our Resolve Case Management Solution can help you!
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