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The transport industry is fast-paced with an extremely high-volume of customer touch points. The need to process numerous complex cases simultaneously, and integrate them within one another, is critical.

Through our many years’ experience servicing transport organisations, we have developed a strong and flexible solution to meet the unique requirements of the industry. With Resolve Enterprise you will have a strong and consistent system that will optimise practices and processes, minimise operating costs, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Resolve Enterprise can assist you with all your business processes...

  • Passenger Complaints and Compliments

  • Ticket Refunds Processing

  • Transport Vehicle Incident Recording and Investigation

  • Lost Property Reporting and Resolution

  • Ombudsman Investigations

  • Transport Safety Incident Reporting and Resolution

  • Systemic Issues Identification and Analysis



Equip your case workers with the best tools to execute your business processes consistently, accurately, and efficiently.

Complaints & Feedback Management

Improve customer interactions, speed case resolution, and gain insight on how you can do better as an organisation.

Issue & Incident

Transform the way you work. Managing resources, minimising impact, and preventing future issues and incidents.

Learn how our Resolve Case Management Solution can help you!
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