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Human Services & Communites

Consistent and effective resolution of today’s case management challenges in the human services and communities industry depends on workers to assess the problem at hand, have access to the right systems and data, and collaborate across multiple functions, teams, and geographies – all while following strict regulatory guidelines and procedures. Relying on people to accurately handle all these details is inefficient and risky, resulting in inconsistencies, expensive rework, work backlogs, missed opportunities, low citizen satisfaction, slower delivery of vital citizen services, negative press, litigation and in some instances tragic preventable events.

The Resolve Enterprise solution helps you simplify and automate work. It brings together the people and information needed to get work done completely and correctly throughout the entire lifecycle of a case. We allow you optimise best practices, and achieve greater efficiency, with our rich functionality that can be tailored to suit your current and future requirements.



Equip your case workers with the best tools to execute your business processes consistently, accurately, and efficiently.

Ethical Standards Management

Quickly, securely, and accurately collect, manage, investigate, and report on ethical standards breaches.

Investigations Management

Integrate rich, diverse content into a structured case management environment to perform critical investigative actions.

Learn how our Resolve Case Management Solution can help you!
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