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Resolve Software Group – New Zealand Office Updates!

Resolve Software Group Offices - Wellington Focus

This month, we have two items of exciting news with regards to the New Zealand branch of Resolve Software Group!

First, the lease on the office in Wellington has been renewed for another 3 years. This allows RSG to continue maintaining its presence in New Zealand, and provide local Wellington-based support to their New Zealand clients.

Second, with the discontinuation of many New Zealand copper-based phone exchanges, the Wellington office is being upgraded to a new VOIP/soft phone system. This system allows better call quality and provides the RSG Wellington staff with the ability to monitor their phones and keep in contact even outside the office.

The New Zealand office is located at Level 4, 104 The Terrace, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand.

Feel free to contact your account manager for any queries!


News of the Week

Are we addicted to our smartphone?

Australia’s smartphone addiction is hobbling the nation’s productivity and social norms, a report from The AFR claims. Australians unlock their phone screens roughly 45 times each day and spend an average 2 hours and 23 minutes gazing blankly at its screen, according to the developer of the phone-monitoring app AntiSocial. For those aged 18 to 25, phones occupy almost 3 hours of the day. Experts have now established a correlation between phone addiction and mental illness, and a cottage industry is developing to help treat “digital dependency issues.

Working remotely benefits employees

Everyone benefits when employees roam free: Work-from-anywhere policies for employees who work independently have the power to raise productivity and revenue and decrease hiring costs, according to research from Harvard Business School. The study, which examined the effects of such policies at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, also found that letting employees work from anywhere allowed people to move to less expensive areas, increasing their earning power and strengthening local economies in the process. One caveat: It’s unclear if such benefits would apply to those with jobs that require significant collaboration.

RSG have policies and technology to allow staff to work from home and other places (hot desks, standing desks, etc.). We also have recreational spaces and quiet spaces to support our staff members’ wellbeing. This results in increased productivity among staff members and makes RSG a great place to work


Quote of the Week

Quote of The Week - Do What you can with all you have, wherever you are - Theordore Roosevelt


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