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Resolve Product Ideas Hub

Resolve Product Ideas Hub
Resolve Product Ideas Hub

At RSG we believe continuous improvement is a key success factor of our mission to become the de facto standard for Case Management in government and regulated industries. As a software company we are always improving our Resolve Enterprise Case Management platform and the features it offers.

We have recently introduced an online space in order to facilitate the identification of product enhancements or new features through the “Product Ideas Hub” area on our website.

The Product Ideas Hub is a new platform which we hope will facilitate the communication between the Resolve Product Team and our customers. It has been designed to provide flexibility for customers and staff to submit and view the status of product changes and enhancements.

Customers and staff can not only submit ideas, but may also vote for the ideas already submitted, which will help the Product Team to identify the most desired features that users wish to see in Resolve Enterprise. This will feed into the prioritisation of improvements to be included in the next release of Resolve or to be included in the future roadmap.

The Product Team actively monitor, evaluate, categorize and respond to all submitted ideas. Any comments added by our own team as well as the assigned category are transparent and visible to all customers.

Since the official launch of the Product Ideas Hub back in June, lots of great ideas have been submitted: some of them are already in the development stage at the moment; some are planned; and some have been added to the product backlog for future consideration.

If you’ve not already registered we encourage you to do so to stay up to date with the cool stuff we are working on!! Visit to register :)


News of the Week

Is working long hours good?

Fatigued, overextended workers who put in long hours are typically more likely to get sick, drink to excess and “make rubbish decisions,” The AFR writes. And working more hours does not necessarily result in more productivity, either. Worst of all, research has found that bosses often struggle to tell the difference between employees who slave away for 80 hours a week and “those who simply pretended to.” As an alternative, “brief periods of intense work and lots of rest” may actually help improve your productivity.

- From LinkedIn Daily Rundown Australia (05/09/2019)

Consumer watchdog focuses on lucrative loyalty schemes

Australia's consumer watchdog is putting companies on notice over their loyalty schemes. Although some consumers believe companies are showering them with discounts and points as a reward for their loyalty, ACCC chairman Rod Sims says in reality, that's unlikely the case. “Some schemes are building up detailed profiles about consumers and selling those insights to other businesses," he said. The body will examine loyalty schemes such as frequent flyer programs, supermarket loyalty cards and credit cards.

- From LinkedIn Daily Rundown Australia (06/09/2019)


Quote of the Week

"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated"
Quote of the Week


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