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A message for RSG customers and partners

Given the challenging times we are all now facing we wanted to provide our customers and partners with an update on the impact of COVID-19 on our operations.

As with most technology firms RSG has now implemented their Business Continuity Plan and nearly all of our staff are working from home until further notice. We wanted to assure you that we have been at the forefront of flexible work arrangements for many years and as such we are very used to operating this way. We have the technology setup as you would expect for remote working and communication without any loss of efficiency.

Our office will be manned by a skeleton staff consisting of a representative from the Administration, Internal IT and Customer Support teams. They will be in the office to support the rest of the team working from home.

Please note:

• The main support number will continue as normal, as will our support service.

• Our active projects will continue as normal, and please reach out to your Project Manager if you have any questions.

• We will still be able to answer the general office number although we may not be able to put you through to the person you need to speak to as they are unlikely to be in the office. Therefore we would ask that where possible email is used to contact the specific member of staff you are after.

Also as a duty of care for our team, customers and partners and following the current advice around ‘social distancing’ we have temporarily suspended all travel and face to face customer meetings for our team. In all cases, we will be able to proceed with the meeting via either video or teleconferencing and we will be reaching out to you directly to make these arrangements.

I’m sure this is in line with most of your own policies at the moment and we do thank you for working with us through this time until we return back to normal.

If you have any concerns then feel free to reach out to your RSG contact or indeed myself and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Best Regards,




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