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RSG Project Managers are PRINCE2 Certified and Follow Agile Methodology

RSG Project Manager are PRINCE2 Certified
RSG Project Manager are PRINCE2 Certified

Project management is one of the important roles when delivering projects and managing customer’s expectations. The Project Manager has overall responsibility for the project by ensuring the team delivers to the scope, manages priorities and ensures all quality gates are achieved before delivering to the customer. The documented processes and procedures in the Professional Services team at Resolve Software Group (RSG) assist to ensure the projects run smoothly.

Project Governance at RSG is made up of a focused group of like-minded Project Managers who are all PRINCE2 Certified. RSG combines the PRINCE2 methodology and Agile framework to ensure we achieve sufficient agility in all layers of the project. RSG is extremely process-oriented and supports both Waterfall and Agile processes tailored to the customer’s requirements.

We thrive on challenging customer projects, and to ensure success we follow our Project Delivery Process with the correct governance in place.

RSG Project Managers gain immense internal support from the experienced leadership team within Professional Services. The team are admired and respected for being caring managers with strong leadership qualities, mentoring skills, peer reviews and adhering to our project governance approach.

Indeed life is fast-paced at RSG, you have the opportunity to gain excellent experience overall as you work with different parts of the internal organisation and externally with customers from different businesses and Government Departments.


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