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Resolve System Review – a great way to get the best out of your Resolve Solution

Resolve System Review
Resolve System Review

It’s not uncommon for organisations and businesses that operate in a highly regulated environment to find themselves under constant pressure and face with ever-changing legislative requirements. Such an environment can eventually lead an organisation to practise ineffective processes and use their IT systems inefficiently. Unfortunately, most organisations are able to recognise the value of their systems only when something goes wrong. With that said, it is difficult for the companies to analyse the actual usage of their systems and identify areas of concerns or potential improvements when things seem to run smoothly. What makes it even more challenging is that in the era of constant innovation many software vendors are focused on adding new capabilities to their products at an incredible rate, making it almost impossible for the companies to ‘navigate the seas of technology’ alone.

As a software product company, RSG is keenly focused on ensuring that our product is not only market leading through innovation and technology, but that it is also delivering on outstanding value and capability to existing customers. A simple and effective way of ensuring long-term health and value of the investment into a Resolve solution is to evaluate the usage of the Resolve system for all business areas in the organisation through a planned system review. A Resolve System Review helps asses if your business has changed since the initial system implementation. It also helps diagnose problems in your system before they severely impact your business. Furthermore, it helps to ensure that your organisation is taking advantage of the latest features and functions and getting the most value of what the Resolve product has to offer.

A Resolve System Review is an on-site series of meetings through a day or two between the customer and RSG. To make the review a success, here are some key points to consider:

• Set aside a full day for the review

• Nominate key users of the system to attend the meeting

• Have all the technology including your Resolve system available to show us how you work with and use the system.

• Our team will then overlay our knowledge after fully understanding the user experience and will share best practises with you.

As a result of a System Review RSG consultants often identify opportunities to increase productivity through the leverage of best practices and through a reduction of manual processes with the help of Resolve Enterprise.

If you are interested in finding out more, Please contact your account managers or email [email protected].


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