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Resolve Software Group Mid-Year Company Day 2019

RSG Mid-Year Company Day 2019 with Logo + Highlight pictures
RSG Mid-Year Company Day 2019

Resolve Software Group organises a mid-year company day every year to keep the staff updated on what’s happening in RSG.

On this day (1st of August 2019), we looked at how we have performed for the year to date and discuss our future goals. Our CEO, Steve, also discussed about the result of the employee satisfaction survey and announced the updated mission and values for RSG staff that will help our team continue to grow with the company.

This year, the focus was on the leadership presentations about where we are seeing ourselves in the next 5 years.

It was very interesting and motivating to hear the plans from each of the departments - Product, Presales and Partners, Sales and Marketing, Professional Services, Development Group, I.T and Support Services. There were many different ideas from each departments, however, they have the same goal which is making Resolve the de facto standard for Case Management in government and regulated industries.

We shared and celebrated our success with some team activities, bowling and lunch. I am very proud to be around such a wonderful people and in a great workplace.

- Prasanthi Valavala (Technical Solutions Consultant)

4 pictures for the bowling events
Bowling Pictures

Our happy staff member at Bowling venue
Bowling Picture


News of the Week

The hated skill you need to have

Verbal communication is a “more than helpful” skill for Australian workers, with 70% of jobs listing it as “a critical necessity,” The Australian reports. But inside workplaces, public speaking “has an image problem.” The majority of Australian workers (61%) fear public speaking or speaking before a group of colleagues. Experts say employers can help overcome this by convincing their employees public speaking is an opportunity to “leverage your platform.” Presenting shouldn’t be “something to fear,” they say. Workers should instead be conditioned to see it as “a valuable opportunity.”

Too much tech?

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Quote of the Week

The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy - Malcolm Forbes
Quote of The Week


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