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Resolve Software Group Managed Hosting

RSG Managed Hosting provides our customers across Australia and New Zealand (Government and Private) with a secure, robust managed environment.

RSG Managed Hosting includes:

  • Guaranteed Data Sovereignty – no data will ever leave Australian/NZ Shores.

  • High Security Environment with Multiple-Level Security

  • Private or Public Networks

  • High Availability Infrastructure built around the VMWare Platforms

  • Software Licensing including Microsoft, Linux, Symantec etc.

  • Full System Management including:

· Patching, tuning and ongoing support

· Full back up services

· Load balancing

· Replication Services

  • Fault Tolerant Tier 2+ and Tier 3 Data Centres with access to multiple communications providers:

Built around a High-Availability Infrastructure and utilising the VMWare virtualisation software, the RSG Managed Hosting environment provides resilience and security. RSG Managed Hosting utilises the most modern secure data centres with multiple levels of security and ISO 27001 compliance.

For more information about RSG Managed Hosting, you can contact your account managers.


News of the Week

Gen-Z Résumés

Long gone are the days of paper résumés with addresses and a date of birth. With Gen Z entering the workforce, employers say they’re receiving more and more digital resumes that resemble “Instagram-friendly palettes of mint green and pastel pink,” according to The Wall Street Journal. With job-seekers hoping “to make their résumés stand out from the pile,” some digital CVs come decorated with bitmojis, while others are often “overlaid with personal details,” or headshots — which some recruiters say should stay on social media and not a job application.

The truth behind our work lies

The less satisfied we are at work, the more likely we are to lie to others at the office, according to a recent survey from SimplyHired. The survey, which included the perspectives of over 1,000 professionals, found that 41% of those who are “not at all satisfied” with their work tell at least one white lie a week. Just 17% of the “extremely satisfied” lot do the same. The most common fibs? The kind that buy us time away from colleagues: “I’m not feeling well” and “I already have plans after work.”


Quote of the Week

"You just can't beat the person who never gives up" - Babe Ruth
Quote of The Week


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