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Resolve’s Investments Into R&D Are Paying Off

In 2017, Resolve Software Group (RSG) commenced its "Web Journey" which saw its flagship case management platform enhanced to provide native web capabilities.  With the backing of Jonas Software, we invested heavily in our Research & Development Team increasing it by 71% over this time.

Our Web Journey is comprised of three key pillars: Web Forms, Web Portal and the Web Client. All three have been built on top of our case management platform and use the same configuration framework. Therefore, existing customer solutions can easily be extended to support the new web interfaces without the need for major re-work.

Web Forms & Web Portal extends the use of Resolve beyond case workers by providing external stakeholders the ability to submit and access case information. A number of our customers are already benefiting from this new capability and several others are in the process of implementing Web Forms and Web Portal solutions.

The Web Client provides an alternate user interface to the current Windows Client user interface. When implementing the Web Client, we did not just want to implement like for like (i.e. same as the Windows Client), instead we wanted to improve the user experience and provide new functionality. The Web Client was showcased during the Resolve Conference in March this year and there was plenty of excitement and positive feedback from our customers. We expect a large percentage of customers to commence using the Web Client over the next couple of years.

The web introduces a number of new challenges, such as web security, accessibility and responsive design. All have been addressed by following best practices;

  • Our developers have been trained in OWASP and our coding practices follows these guidelines. Additionally, all of our web products have undergone independent penetration testing.

  • All of our web products are capable of meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). They have been tested by Vision Australia to validate they follow their guidelines.

  • All of our web products are responsive, they adapt to the available screen size. This means they can be used on various devices such as tablets and smartphones.

RSG has no plans of slowing down. Our mission statement is “to become the de facto standard for Case Management in government and regulated industries” and we have an ambitious product roadmap designed to help us meet this goal.


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