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Please welcome our new RSG staff ! | Delivery Drones problem in Australia | Quote of the Week

Warm welcome to our new staff - Eileen, Pavi, Swathi
Eileen, Pavi and Swathi

For the past 4 months, RSG has welcomed 3 new staff member working in Professional Services Team. They are - Swathi Raj working in Red Squad, Pavithra Maheshwaraih working in Yellow Squad and Eileen Suh in Green Squad. Read more about them below and we give them a warm welcome!

Eileen Suh

Joining RSG (Resolve Software Group) in August 2019, Eileen has hit the ground running as a member of the Green Squad.

Originally hailing from the capital city of Seoul in South Korea, she has over 10 years of experience in Software Development as well as 6 years of Melbourne’s unique weather patterns.

When not running around taking care of her family, she can be found enjoying Korean Pop Music (from bands such as BTS and EXO) and dramas (Descendants of the Sun, Goblin).

Pavithra Maheshwaraih

Joining the Yellow Squad and breaking through a number of Product Backlog Items: Pavi!

With over half a decade of experience as a Software Engineer under her belt and learning from various Management, Dispatch, and Resource Evaluation systems, this petite powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout her time, she’s been racking up various awards such as “Best Rookie”, “Best Performer” and “Best Innovator”.

Swathi Raj

An Analyst Programmer, a veteran Software Developer, new to the scene but launched right into the midst of things with the Red Squad – Swathi!

Originating from bustling India, she has over 4 years of experience in the technology sector – over half of which was in the Land Down Under. 🙃

When the configuration and debugging is done, she’ll be relaxing with a swim or out in her garden. But nothing quite beats cooking or the great all-time classic of watching TV!


News of the Week

The world will need to be retrained due to artificial intelligence

More than 120 million workers throughout the world will need to be retrained in the next three years due to artificial intelligence, according to an IBM survey. "Upskilling" these workers will be a big challenge as workers today require more training than ever to learn new skills — 36 days now, compared to just three days in 2014. And often skills most valued by employers – ‘soft skills’ such as communication and ethics – take more time to develop.

Delivery Drones Problem in Australia

Delivery drones have been deemed “loud and obtrusive” by a Federal Government analysis of the noise they produce, ABC News reports. The divisive aircrafts were extensively tested for the first time in Canberra and regularly exceeded the residential area’s daytime noise standard, as they accumulated frequent community complaints. The drones were recorded at 69 decibels from 15 metres away, a level that’s comparable to a booming television and were clearly audible from inside “well-insulated homes.” The government will next call for public submissions on the issue.

Working During Your Commute?

Should you be compensated for the hours you spend working during your commute? ABC News writes that while many workers admit to sending emails or performing admin tasks on the way to and from the office, most were not willing to raise this with their employer because they felt it was a part of their normal jobs. A recent survey reveals commutes can affect job satisfaction, but evidence also shows high-trust, flexible environments work better for employees, and can even help solve issues such as congestion in major cities.


Quote of the Week

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever"
Quote of the Week


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