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In memory of Peter Dewildt

We would like to pay our respects to a much-loved member of our team. Earlier this month Peter Dewildt passed away after spending some time battling cancer.

Peter joined us back in 1996 and was instrumental in shaping the Resolve product that we have today.

Known fondly as the “Grandfather of Resolve” he always had an answer for any technical issue that was stumping a member of our team and was always happy lend a helping hand.

He trained hundreds of people over the years including most of our current team. Peter was also well known to most of our older customers as a key expert who would present regularly at our conferences.

Peter retired in 2015 but came back multiple times to assist with training and pre-sales activities or indeed anything else that we needed.

Resolve was a huge part of Peter’s life and he was a huge part of ours. So much so that he stayed in touch with the team until the end.

Rest in Peace Peter you will be dearly missed by all of your Resolve family and friends.


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