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Ad Standards - Efficiency Gains Using Resolve

Our customers have been busy adapting to the new COVID way of working and supporting additional and enhanced functions to their clients. To help manage in this changing landscape, Ad Standards have implemented Resolve Web Forms and Email Monitoring Service, to provide alternate automated channels of communication.

Ad Standards is very happy with the product and the service received from RSG. Our build was quite custom and the RSG team were great at understanding the nuances of our processes. As part of the build we streamlined several functions such as online forms used by consumers to lodge a complaint/response – we are now using Resolve Web Forms which allows us to easily make changes to the Web Form ourselves and it is integrated with the system. We also use an Email Monitoring Service by RSG to link emails to complaints and cases within Resolve, which we can set an automated alert/task so nothing is missed. This ensures all communication related to a case is included on the file without the need for us to manually attach - a great time-saver. The Resolve system has enabled more efficient complaints handling and the RSG team have been fantastic in the implementation of the product and their ongoing support. We look forward to new releases to see how we can integrate new functions into our processes”.

Emily Kell, Case Manager


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