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Congratulations Micah Schrank for 10 Years with RSG!

We would like to congratulate Micah for his 10 years with Resolve Software Group!

Micah joined RSG as a Junior Test Analyst and the second member of the Testing Team.

Since then he has grown a lot in experience and knowledge of the Resolve Products, and has climbed the ranks to be a full Test Analyst and then to a Senior Test Analyst position.

After working many years providing quality assurance for configurations as part of the Professional Services team, he moved on to become a dedicated tester for the Development Group at Resolve.

Now his daily duties include a wide variety of tasks such as Web Testing, Performance Testing, Accessibility Testing, Mobile Device Testing, Automation Testing and more.

Here are a few words from our Chief Technology Officer:

“Micah joined us at a time when RSG decided that testing should be a “dedicated function”. He became the second member of the inaugural test group! He worked closely with Professional Services and Development Group, switching between the two often. In fact, this constant switching, and the understandable human errors that come with it, is what inspired Francisco to create Resolve Loader, so that once and for all they would connect the right client to the right server.

During all these years, he has been the backbone of the test group, even as it has undergone drastic changes. Always diligent in his duties, always performing his job without much fuss and a level of calmness that is reassuring. To my pleasure, during this time he has grown in his testing craft. Nevertheless, there is more still to learn, and he is much eager.

He is very pleasant to work with and the nicest guy you’ll meet. He has become an indispensable member of the development group. Thank you.”

- Francisco Rodriguez -

We would like to thank Micah for his continued dedication!


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- News based on LinkedIn Daily Rundown Australia (18/07/2019)


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